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Girona is a charming city brimming with history where different cultures and religions have coexisted over time. Discover the Roman Walls, one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe, the colorful houses at the shores of the Oñar River, or the enclaves where episodes from the world-famous TV series Game of Thrones have been shot.

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The Colourful Houses on the Onyar River

The River Onyar is the affluent of the River Ter crossing the city of Girona. Its right bank is the oldest part, since only when the city needed to grow due to the increasing population, did the people start to build on the other bank. The city was thus split into two parts. It can be crossed from one side to the other by the bridge of the Peixateries Noves [New fishmonger’s] or by the Pont de Ferro [The Iron Bridge]. One of the most iconic views is that of the Onyar, with the picturesque colourful houses of the old town, located on the stretch of the river that goes from The Rambla to the L’Argenteria street.

Santa María's Cathedral

The Cathedral is located on the highest part of the city. Its construction began in the 11th C. (Romanesque style) and finished in the 13th C. (Gothic Style). Its most singular feature is its Gothic nave, the widest of its kind in the world. It has recently been the setting where episodes from the world-famous TV series Game of Thrones were shot.

Temps de Flors, The Time of Flowers

The first edition of this popular event dates back to 1954, when two entrepreneurs organised a Flower Exhibition and Contest in the Province, to be held in the Saló de Descans [Resting Hall] of the Municipal Theater of Girona. The initiative was met with such good reception that it has continued to be held until present day, expanding even to the whole city and decking out the most emblematic sites in its finest florals and scents. For the occasion, old houses and historic buildings which are normally kept closed, are opened to the public for ten days during mid-May.

El Call, The Medieval Jewish Quarter

Known as ‘El Call Jueu’ in Catalan, which in the Middles Ages meant a series of narrow streets, it is one of the most famous sites of Girona, and one of the best preserved Jewish Quarters in the world. This labyrinthine old quarter, with its narrow, steep alleyways and patios, has the power to transport you to the medieval times, when the Jewish community and its culture had a strong impact on the city.

The Roman Walls

The walls of Girona date back to the Roman period, but during the medieval ages an extension was carried out which enables visitors to stroll along a walkway following some sections of the longest Carolingian walls in Europe. The different towers are excellent vantage points offering views over the city and the surrounding areas.

The German's Gardens

Here were located the old barracks which were the residence for the German soldiers of fortune sent to Girona during the 17th-century, later destroyed during the 19th-century Peninsular War. Over the years it has become an extremely beautiful spot, where the remains of the ancient military headquarters meld with plants and flowers. The mighty Torre del Llamp [The Lightning Tower], stands out at the entrance of the Walls together with the Tower of Gironella.

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This establishment (Adults Recommended) is a little gem a walkaway from the beach and Pineda de Mar's center.
Our services focus on adult clientele (high-quality cuisine, spa, massages, aesthetics, peacefulness, good customer service) and lacks a specific children's programme. It is the ideal place for couples or families wishing to spend some quality time together in a peaceful setting.

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Malgrat de Mar Monteplaya & Spa ****S
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Our Adults Only Hotel (+16) with its location at Malgrat de Mar's seafront on the Barcelona Coast - Maresme is the ideal place to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the perfect starting point to visit Barcelona, Girona, the Costa Brava and the main touristically interesting areas in Catalonia.

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