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Malgrat de Mar
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True Mediterranean Climate

Malgrat de Mar, located on the Barcelona Coast - Maresme is the last town before the beginning of the famous Costa Brava, almost halfway between the cities of Barcelona and Girona. It is the ideal place to discover and explore Catalonia, and to enjoy its typical Mediterranean beaches, its culture and its peacefulness.

What to Visit
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Astillero Beach

The Astillero Beach stretches from the border with the neighboring town of Santa Susanna to the Sant Genís de Palafolls Riera: a kilometre-long stretch of coarse sand where you can swim in the Mediterranean Sea, walk around the shore or have a refreshment at one of its chiringuitos. It is located at the most touristic part of the city and it is just right in front of the Sumus Hotel Monteplaya.

Malgrat Center Beach

The Malgrat Center Beach spreads from the Sant Genía de Palafolls Riera to the Pomereda Road. It is almost as big as the Astillero Beach, and is located right at Malgrat de Mar's center, making it the most frequented one by its inhabitants.

Conca Beach

The Conca Beach spreads from the Pomereda Road to the Tordera River. It is the largest beach in Malgrat de Mar, being over 2.5 kilometers wide. The Conca Beach also enjoys the privilege of being a protected area, and as a result it is one of the few virgin beaches on the Barcelona Coast - Maresme. The perfect beach for nature lovers, it has sand dunes, a diverse wildlife, and is located next to the Tordera River, the mightiest subterranean river in Europe.

Punta de la Tordera Beach

The Punta de la Tordera Beach is located at Malgrat's Camping Zone and extends up to the mouth of the Tordera River, a protected space ideal for nature enthusiasts. At the end of the beach, a Nudist zone is located.

Modernist Buildings

Malgrat de Mar has some representative modernist buildings. The town center offers sights such as the “Peixateries Velles”, the “Torre de Ca l’Arnau” or the “Escoles Noves i Cases dels Mestres”.

Location: Center

Casal dels Clapers

A 16th century stately home, owned by the Clapers family. It has seen a variety of uses over the years, such as a residential building, a hospital, a casino, a cooperative and a bread oven.
Nowadays it is a municipal library.

Location: c/ Desclapers 14, 08380 (Malgrat de Mar)


Parc del Castell

The Parc del Castell is a Recreation & Leisure area with a botanic garden from which you can have a panoramic view of Malgrat de Mar. The park was built around a defense tower from the year 1382 related to Palafolls Castle. It has free access and is open from 8AM to 9PM all year round, and to 11:15PM from April to September.

Location: Carrer de Ponent, 58, 08380 Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona

Can Campassol Park

It is a park for kids to play in and for elders to do psychomotricity exercise, and a few outdoor performances are there as well. This area is also home to a colonial house where the writer Zenobia Camprubí was born.

Location: Carrer del Mar, 85, 08380 Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona

Mercado Semanal

Every Thursday, the traditional Outdoor Market Day is held, which is divided into two; on one side you will find fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce, and on the other side you will find clothing and accessories. Both offer a great variety. From 8AM to 2PM.

Location: Fruit Market: In front of Plaza Catalunya.
Clothing Market: Joan Maragall and Roger de Flor Streets.

Town Market

Inaugurated in 1991, it offers fresh, high-quality local produce. Open Mondays to Fridays, from 8AM to 1:30PM and from 5PM to 8:30PM, and Saturdays from 8AM to 2PM.

Location: Carrer Camí Nou, 33, 08380 Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona



Malgrat de Mar has a gorgeous seafront, linking it to the nearby towns of Santa Susanna, Pineda de Mar and Calella, which sums up to a grant total of 12km along the beach, to be travelled by foot or by bike

Location: Next to Malgrat de Mar's beaches.


La Pilona

In 1909 a French mining company built an air transport system from Malgrat's iron mines to the sea, from where they exported said iron via ships to England. This delivery point, now unused, is locally knows as La Pilona and is one of Malgrat's local symbols, the most important vestige of their mining past.

Ubicación:  Playa del Astillero


Sant Nicolau Parish

The temple's current history starts in 1761, when the Barcelonian architect Francesc Trilles got elected by popular jury to design it.
The church's refurbishing ended in 1783, with the aspec it maintains to this day. Its general design is functional, clean and austere, marked by the first academic and anti-baroque culture's impacts. The church was burned and sacked during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), losing its most precious artifacts (two monstrances, a cross and an organ) which were restores in the forties.

Location: Plaza Església, 08380 Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona


Sumus Hotel Monteplaya & Spa ****S

Ubicado en Malgrat de Mar,  éste establecimiento de 4 estrellas superior sólo para adultos (Adults Only) es el lugar ideal donde relajarse, desconectar y disfrutar del estilo de vida mediterráneo. 


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Yet another advantage that comes with choosing Malgrat for your holidays or getaway, is that it is the perfect starting point to discover and visit the main touristically interesting locations in Catalonia.